Avatar Therapy

University College London

UX // Product Design

Project overview

Whilst at Kingdom I worked on product design and UX for a ground breaking therapy tool to be used by clinicians to help treat Schizophrenic disorders. Working with the team at University College London we established the needs of clinicians and also the unique viewpoint of patients who suffer with Schizophrenia. The software needed to allow clinicians to communicate with patients using the perceived voice and image that the patient sees inside their head. Transforming the clinician into the embodyment of the voice that talks to patients.

UX & concepting

My role on the project was to assist the team at UCL with the creation of product features and to flesh out the UX of the application. As this was a medical application that if wrongly conceived or created could cause harm to patients it was critiqued and reworked over a year period before UI and development was even conceived. Over the span of the project I created over 600 wireframes for all product functions and over 20 userflows to aid with the understanding of the system and to make sure no holes were prevalent in the end product.

Ease of use for both patients and clinicians was key to the products success and was considered at all levels of the application. Patients needed specific tools when conducting a session such as the ability to kill the software if they were in distress at any time, alongside the complex nature of creating the voice and image of the patient. This meant considering all factors of creation from visual pieces such as eye colour and hair length all the way through to manipulating the voice using various questioning factors such as age and depth. The product was extensively protoyped using interactive wireframes in Invision with both patients and clinicians in test sessions before going into development. With the UX approved this was passed onto the UI design team at Kingdom to produce.