Kingdom Site

Kingdom London

Development // Testing // Deployment

Project overview

Kingdom London is a digital experience agency based in London and was undergoing a brand refresh during 2018. As part of the refresh the agency was designing a new website to give center stage to the latest projects to be completed and to provide a much more efficient and speedy site for visitors.

To co-incide with the launch I developed and deployed the site from scratch based on a design that was supplied to me by one of the designers at Kingdom London.

Development & Deployment

I was provided with Sketch files from a designer at Kingdom. The designs detailed the layouts of various pages of the website at a desktop viewport. Working with these sketch files I developed a framework for the site with modern html5 & CSS3 techniques. With a framework developed for repeatable elements I started work on population of the site with all content required for the projects, artworking and theming each page around the project itself.

To provide the best user experience I translated the desktop designs into a responsive site targeted towards various different viewports such as mobile and tablet. Developing appropriate interaction animations and small delightful elements to enhance a site visitors experience. With the site fully developed I tested the site code across a wide stack of devices and modern browsers to fix any bugs or inconsistencies that may of arisen. The site is now deployed onto the agency server and can be viewed at View Website