Toyota Explore

Toyota Explore

An interactive AR experience to unlock car brochure content

The Brief

Saatchi & Saatchi Design came to Kingdom London with a challenge to redesign and redfine Toyota Europe's AR experiences. Toyota currently used the Junaio platform app to deliver interactive experiences through the scanning of brochure content. Toyota wanted a bespoke and adaptable application that would allow various types of content modules to be integrated easily, especially when bringing out a new car. The application also needed to be multilingual, tablet & mobile friendly and deliver different content for each european market the cars were sold in.

The Response

Toyota Explore App

Working in partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi design we created the Toyota Explore application from the ground up. Working on a tight UX structure and working to define the modules and how the user should interact with each brochure. Taking the existing Toyota Europe brand guidelines we then delivered an on brand application experience that felt in place with the recently refreshed website.The initial application release fell in line with the Avensis & Auris car models and we integrated AR modules such as car configurators, rich video media and image galleries.

The app Launched on the iOS App Store & Google Play Store simultaniously and has been translated into 13 languages so far.

My Roles & Responsibilities

Whilst working on the Toyota Explore project at Kingdom London I worked primarily as the lead UX & UI Designer. Working on the apps core functions and working closely with the Saatchi team to create the intitial modules and to flesh out the final look and feel of the app.

With the app designs and userflows in place I then moved onto focussing on the distribution phase of the app. Artworking assets from Toyota and testing the app on multiple devices till all development bugs were resolved.

Phase 3 of my involvement with Toyota Explore involved creating all the localised packages and managing the apps content for every market. This involved the creation and manipulation of the apps core JSON files and managing the Toyota Explore Content Delivery Server.

I am currently working on developing extra modules with both Saatchi & Saatchi Design & Toyota Europe for future car models and managing the content server and localisation processes.

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