Super. Ideas

Creating a web presence for Super. Ideas

The Brief

Aaron at Super. Ideas came to us with the prospect of creating the web prescence for the Super. Ideas brand. He needed the site to be lightweight engaging and have the ability to hold the company's recent portfolio of projects as well as describe and depict the company as a whole. Ultimately the site needed to be functional and needed to be easy to update and manage by himself and his team.

The Response

Super. Home Page

Because of the quick turn around and the need to integrate easily with the company's existing branding we turned to Wordpress as the backend CMS to manage the website. In order to achieve what Aaron was after we sourced a variety of prexisting starting themes before a suitable theme with functions required by the company was found.

Working with Super's brand designer we took existing brand assets and integrated them into the theme. Working through the theme's code we updated the css files to reflect the brand, Adjusting and refining elements such as brand fonts, colours and imagery.

The end result was a stylish website that felt in keeping with the brand image and had a great responsive structure to fit with modern device types.

Visit the Super. Ideas Website

My Roles & Responsibilities

Working on the Super. Site I took responsibility of managing the server setup and pushing the site out to the public. Working with a custom wordpress installation and managing the database and front end theme framework. In order to achieve the result we were looking for I worked closely with Aaron at Super. to modify the starting theme to fit brand guidelines and to add extra features and functions to the site.

Before the site launched I was in charge of data deployment and making sure that the site responded to user requests in the most efficient manner by artworking and adjusting the imagery the site used. Currently the site is being updated with content and a blog is in the works.

Super. Site Screens