Creatures of the Reef

An adventure through the reef with the Natural History Museum

The Brief

The Natural History Museum came to Kingdom London to create an engaging and exciting experience for visitors to the new Secret Cities of the Sea exhibition. The game needed to be education and appealing to a wide range of age groups. The exhibition detailed how beautiful the reefs of the worlds oceans are, with specimins and a real life small eco system. The interactive needed to be in keeping with the exhibition whilst also hosting an exciting game element tasked at showing how each creature in the reef would react to visitors and other sea creatures in their natural environment.

The Response

NHM interactive in place

Our response to the brief was Creatures of the Reef an exciting adventure into the unknown. The user takes on the role of a diver exploring the reef and documenting the creatures within. We focussed on creating a very simple narritive that didnt need too much introduction, Throwing the user in at the deep end we arm the users with the technology to capture 5 creatures in their natural habitat. In order to capture a fish the user simply zooms in on the creature in question. We achieved this simply using a joystick to enable zooming in and out and a 360 degree pan of the reef bed. The interactive ran through the entire exhibtion dates from March to September 2015

Watch the game in action

My Roles & Responsibilities

During the lifespan of the reef project I played an integral role in the production of the final outcome. During the initial scoping I worked with a team to ideate and flesh out the gameplay. With gameplay nailed I worked with the technical team to work out the best approuch and investigate hardware options for interaction such as leap motion.

Working with our 3D team and developers I worked on the user interface designs for the reef interactive, paying particular attention to create an interface that arcs back to tradtional dive technlogy with dials and bright colours whilst also creating a modern looking interface. The user interface design also resulted in myself working in after effects to create the interface animations for the developers to build inside the Unity game engine.

In the final stages I worked with the developers to test the game and iron out any bugs related to the creature movements and behaviors and to optimise the game for performance in the museum space. Working ultimately to help the team at the Natural History Museum to integrate the software into the exhibition.

Screenshots from the reef