Travels of Columbanus

An interactive kiosk detailing the travels of Columbanus

The Brief

Northdown Museum came to Kingdom London to produce an interactive touch screen kiosk detailing the travels of Columbanus. The interactive needed to be colourful inviting and easy to use with eyecatching imagery on a large touch screen display.

The Response

Columbanus Map View

We returned to Northdown Museum with a plan for an exciting web based interactive that detailed the travels via the medium of a map - Using map pointers in specific journey points of Columbanus we plotted the journey with the ability for users to pick either route based or random map pointers. Inside each location we created a hub that invited users to explore more about both Columbanus's impact and the locations he visited using a mixture of text & highly attractive image based carousels.

My Roles & Responsibilities

Working on the Columbanus project my responsiblities were for artworking imagery that we recieved from the museum and integrating this content into the html structure recevied from the developer. Throughout this process I managed the testing and worked with the developer to fix bugs and make sure that front end was matching the work of the designer. My final role on the project was to create the kiosked bundle and manage the transfer of the interactive to the museum for presentation in the museum.

Travels of Columbanus Screens